Occasional thoughts on bicycles, CPU clock cycles, orbits, sound waves (kilocycles), radio waves (megacycles!), tides, trigonometry, and other periodic phenomena.

Why "Remcycles"? A got that nickname from a friend because of how much I like to ride my bicycle, and later I realized that many of the things I like to study most are periodic in nature. And while I probably won't write about sleep, I do enjoy getting some REM cycles in.

2020-08-19 Brazing a Broken Dropout
2020-07-27 An Analog Computer Circuit for the SIR Model
2020-07-23 A Chromatic Button MIDI Keyboard
2020-04-26 Schematic Shoes
2020-04-11 Resistor Color Code Bookmarks
2020-02-05 Emacs Calc Tricks
2019-12-05 The Geometry of the Smith Chart
2019-04-08 Awk Saves the Day
2019-03-07 Awk: A Short Introduction
2019-02-02 Numeronyms
2018-07-26 Using Computers to Compute: Calculating Sine and Cosine using CORDIC
2018-04-26 Sonifying the Tides
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