Schematic Shoes


Here's a pair of shoes I embroidered with some schematics.

On the left shoe, two digital circuits: an SR latch (which can be combined to form my favorite digital circuit, the D flip-flop) and a CMOS inverter.

And on the right shoe, two analog circuits: a differential pair, and a precision rectifier.

The schematics were drawn in the quirky XCircuit program, because it generates nice Postscript output, and then they were traced onto the shoes with a pencil.

The lines and circles are all done in a simple backstitch, the one diode is filled with a satin stitch, and there are tiny Chinese knots at the connecting dots.

I recently learned that Converse high tops have the star logos on the inside of each ankle, so they have more space to work with. I'm happy enough as it is, even if the laces obscure the tongue designs.

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